Tracking Classes

The classes are kept in group levels of 3 or less individuals in training for instructional purposes.

The training enhances motivation on the part of the dog and the ability to develop the skill to read the dog when working in this activity on the part of the handler In the Tracking. I start the canine companion in similar methods as illustrated below depending on the needs of the handler and the dog. Classes are held at different times during the week and depending on the level of training are given in different locations.
It is a 5 week course with field and one in house secession (Video, Quiz, Discussion re: Rules)

Scent Discrimination

To begin teaching your dog to track, you must teach him scent discrimination. This simply means teaching your dog to understand what scent it is you want him to track.
There are several fun exercises you can do with your dog to begin teaching him scent discrimination. One of the most basic is “Find it.”
This begins by taking a treat or toy and letting your dog watch you as you go around the house or yard looking for a place to hide it. Pretend to hide it in several places before secretly leaving it in a particular hiding spot. Then tell the dog to “find it” and let her search for your hidden stash. When she finds it, praise her lavishly while she devours her reward.


Place your dog in a heel position. She should be wearing a regular collar, not a choke chain, and be on a 6 foot lead with the dog  in a heel position. Have a friend walk a short distance in front of you, turn, call your dog and drop a toy, treat or other article on the ground.
The friend should then walk back to you along the same path that he followed. Tell your dog to “find”” the dropped item. Now, walk your dog and let her find the dropped item. When she finds it, praise her lavishly depending on her level of enthusiasm and personality


When your dog has mastered beginning tracking, your friend will leave the area once the item has been dropped at the end of the track. Wait at least a half-hour or determined time after the track has been set before letting your dog begin her search. Begin introducing your dog to tracking in different weather conditions, environments and with various distractions
Handlers and their dogs from their training (depending on the level of training) now have the opportunity to go into Tracking Tests for different degrees, both in Canada and the United States.


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