Obedience Classes

Basic Training:
Puppy Kindergarten, Beginners & Advanced Levels

Puppies MUST have 2nd  set of Vaccinations before entering classes. Normally 11 to 12 weeks.

The 6 week program will strengthen the relationship between you and your dog.

You will enjoy a civilized dog in the presence of family, friends or guests
and dog with good manners at home and out in public places.

The first night all dogs will start into the training process.

The next 5 weeks classes (6th week Graduation) you will learn things like:

The basic commands like Sit, Sit Stay, Down, Down Stay, Come (recall), Heel and walking on loose leash.

You will also learn how to teach your dog how to have polite greetings to both human & canines.

How to focus on good behavior and reward what you find is acceptable behavior.

Eliminate unwanted behavior and how to shape behaviors

Work with distractions.

Advanced Training: Advanced & Titled Levels

We offer more Advanced classes for those who have completed our Basic Obedience courses Puppy Kindergarten and Beginners levels.

This 6 week program includes: Off Leash Work, Drop on Recall, Dumbell Work Etc.

Teaching your dog those little extras that will make your life with your dog more enjoyable.

Add more distractions and proofing your dog.

More coverage on recalls and heeling with everyday distractions

Personal Coaching Lessons:

Do you have one or two behavior problems you would like to address?
Prefer a Private lesson instead of a group class?

Train with a Friend:
Semi-private coaching and lessons for 2 Friends together.

We also Offer:
Refresher classes for forgetful canines;


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