“MISS MARRIN” ~ my most treasured gift! Owner Joanne Dixon

Ch Kivalina’s Desig-Native
March 08, 2004 ~ March 11, 2019


Marrin, when you were very young and I was younger than now, we didn’t understand each other so well. Our strong connection took several years but was so worth the time and effort. Like me, you had an opinion on all things and liked to share your thoughts with passion. You would not hesitate to voice your disapproval if I did something not to your liking. I loved your imperious nature.

The word “Come” was so offensive to you I learned to call “Breakfast” to get the results I needed. You taught me so many lessons and I am grateful for every one of them. You took charge and were my ‘desig-native’ supervisor and helped in every aspect of running the house and the other dogs. Not one of us ever questioned your right to be boss. You helped me with the feeding, the dishes, making the bed, inspected my clothes, what I ate and even supervised my evening spa time. Where ever I went you were right behind me like a personal bodyguard. You were my best friend and valued companion!

Marrin you aged like the finest of wines, getting more beautiful as the time passed. We so enjoyed each other’s company and I was blessed to have you all these years. We had a quiet 15th Birthday celebration a few days ago, sadly it was to be the last. As was your way in life, you made the decision and told me you were tired. It was time to let you go. I’m not sure how I will manage without you here, but you taught me well and I’ll do my very best. No more ‘peanut butter’ time my love.

Our story is not yet finished because by the grace of God and all the Higher Powers, we will meet again, in another time and place. The image of your beauty and the strength of your heart will be with me always. I love you Marrin.

My sincere Thanks to the wonderful professionals who cared for Marrin through the years. BC Animal Hosp – Dr Chan, Noreen, Crystal & staff for excellent lifelong care and advice. VAC Newton Animal Hosp – Dr Prostran, Lindsay, Cheryl, Erin, Tia, Christine, Verna for the extra special care given to Marrin at her bi-weekly lasers treatments. Fort Family Chiropractic – Dr Shaun Patterson, – for treating Marrin like a princess and keeping her fit. Our friends Michele for keeping her beautiful and Brad for being there for Marrin and I.