When approaching a dog behavioral problem, a careful and thorough understanding of the reasons and actions displayed by the dog is most important, prior to attempting to resolve the matter. The communication skills displayed on the part of the handler is the second factor leading to a positive conclusion and those methods or procedures utilized to relate to this matter. It is of the utmost importance that all concerns or problems stated are documented in point form prior to attempting to correct the situation.


Comox is a Belgium Shepherd, black lab cross and is now 6 years old.  When Comox was between 6 and 8 months old taking her for a walk was very difficult.   To start, getting out the door was a feat in itself as she would jump up and down and scream at the door.  She thought the leash was a toy and would constantly bite and shake it while walking.  We called Gary for a house visit.  With his help he taught me how to keep her calm at the door and she had to learn to wait for the signal to go out.   With his instruction our walks became calmer and enjoyable for both.  His house visit led us to continue training in his obedience classes for a number of years.



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